The late MHM Sulaiman met the shortfall of Rs 1,283.00 making a total of Rs 4,933.00, leaving a balance of Rs 49.71 which has been carried over to the Mosque funds. Since then the Mosque has been white-washed annually and minor repairs and painting works have been carried out. Mention must be made here that a portion of the cost of this annual maintenance work was met by a few members of the Congregation up to 1953.

The Electrical wiring of the Mosque which was in a deteriorated state, was also attended to by a complete re-wiring of the whole Mosque in 1948. Additional lamps for lighting were also provided at a cost of Rs 2,500.00. This expenditure was met by Al Haj WM Abdul Jabbar, the Hony Treasurer. His name is mentioned here in appreciation of his generous gift although he himself wished to remain anonymous.

The late Al Haj MYM Mashood gifted four ceiling fans and paid Rs 20.00 per month towards their cost from October 1947 to July 1951. AM Shahul Hamid also gifted two fans. The cost of lighting the Minaret was met by some of the members of the Committee of Management.

Under the auspices of the Committee of Management of the Colombo Grand Mosque a mass meeting of representatives from various Mosques throughout the Island was held on September 29, 1943 at Hameediah School Hall, to consider the Draft Ordinance affecting Mosques, Waqfs, Charitable Funds, Shrines and Thakkiyas. A representative gathering, including Ulema, was present. At this meeting the various aspects of the Ordinance was discussed and all present were made to realize the hardhsips that were bound to be caused to all Muslims should the supervision and control of these institutions be handed over to the Public Trustee as contemplated in the Bill. It was decided to inform all Mosques in the Island of the defects in the proposed Ordinance and how it violated Islamic Law in allowing a non-Muslim to control the affairs of the places of worship of Muslims. A Committee was formed to take immediate steps to ascertain views of the representatives of the various Mosques in the Island.

A conference of delegates was held on December 18, 1943, at Hameediah School Hall. The late Mr MHM Shamsudeen presided and several resolutions were passed condemning the Bill. Later, as a result of a memorandum submitted by this Committee to the then Minister of Home Affairs, the general opposition manifested, and the Bill was shelved by the Government.

Since the attainment of independence the question of promulgating the amended Waqf Ordinance was revived. The Draft Ordinance was, again, taken up in 1952 by the Muslim Members of Parliament and the Senate. The Committee of Management lost no time in taking necessary action to protect the interest of Muslims. Under the auspices of the Committee a conference of representatives of Mosques and other places of Muslim Worship, of Muslim Organizations, and of Ulema, and other prominent Muslims, was convened on October 21, 1952 at Hameediah School Hall, New Moor Street, to protest vehemently against the proposed Draft amendments to the existing ordinance of 1931, as the proposed amendments were a violation of the inherent rights of Muslims under Muslim Law.

In accordance with the decision of the conference a Memorandum protesting against this amendment was forwarded to the Minister of Home Affairs on November 30, 1952.

On January 10, 1953, a circular was issued to all the Mosques in the Island requesting Muslims to meet their respective Members of Parliament and request them to oppose the Bill when it came before the House. The matter is now before the Parliament.

In this connection I would earnestly appeal to all Muslims to consider seriously, whether under the prevailing conditions of religious antagonism in the Island, it would be advisable for our Muslim Members of Parliament to continue to support the enactment of this amending Ordinance that is repugnant to the very spirit of Islam.

A notice was published in the Ceylon Daily News of December 4, 1950, by the Government Agent, Western Province, under sub-section (I) of section 7 of the Land Acquisition Act No 9 of 1950, to acquire the following lands belonging to the Maligawatte Muslim Burial Grounds:-

PPA 2831 Lot No 9 Narahena alias Narahenakumbura part of Assessment No 75 Maligawatte Lane, extent 17 Acres, 0 Roods 18.9 Perches.

PPA 2831 Lot No 12 Narahenakumbura Part of Assessment No 75, Maligawatte Lane, extent 11 Acres, 1 Rood and 30.5 Perches

Immediately this advertisement was noticed, the Chairman, in consultation with the office bearers, lofged an objection with the Government Agent, Western Province, through our lawyers on December 12, 1950, against the insertion of the name of OHM Sulaiman as claimant to the above lands and pointing out that the legal claimant was the Trustee of the Colombo Grand Mosque.

The action taken by the Chairman was unanimously approved by the Committee at its meeting held on Feb 3, 1951, and he was also requested to take all further action necessary to establish the claim of the Mosque to those lands.

Mr ARM Saleem, a member of the Committee of Management, suggested that instead of getting into endless litigation, it was desirable that an amicable settlement should be arrived at, as the claimant was in possession on a notarial document. The whole matter of bringing about a settlement was entrusted to a sub-committee comprising of Al Haj M Ghouse Mohideen and Al Haj WM Abdul Jabbar with power to add. Mr Saleem was co-opted to the sub-committee. At the meeting held on October 6, 1951, the sub-committee reported to the Committee of Management that they had recommended the payment to the claimant a sum of Rs 55,000 on account of compensation and Rs 4,000 on account of the damages received from the Government, if he agreed to renounce his right, title and interest in the said lands. It was agreed that a sum of Rs 13,820 taken by him as advance from the tenants on the leases granted by him be waived off.

A sum of Rs 316,000 was received from the Government as compensation for the aforesaid lands and Mr OHM Sulaiman was paid the agreed sum as compensation. The monies remaining were utilized to purchase Premises No 176, 180 & 182 Keyzer Street, at a cost of Rs 255,289, with the Mosque funds advancing the balance amount of Rs 14,126.44 required.

Prior to the purchase of these properties the Committee had paid an advance for the purchase of Premises No 188, New Moor Street, a new house opposite the Mosque. In order to meet the purchase price and costs of transfer, amounting to Rs 49,209.67, two sums of Rs 20,000 each were borrowed from Mr AJM Ariff/Mr AJM Jabir and Mr MHM Yusuf, who were very kind enough to accommodate the Mosque with these amounts. The loan of Rs 40,000 has since been repaid from the revenue of the Mosque.

The old ablution tank, which was in an insanitary condition, was filled up and a new one built. This, together with the building and passage leading to the Maligawatte Mosque Burial Grounds, was erected at a cost of Rs 14,000 which was met by Al Haj WM Abdul Jabbar, the Hony Treasurer, in memory of his daughter, Ummu Mahbooba.

Properties Purchased:-
Property                            Value                     Transfer Cost           Total
186 New Moor Street        Rs   10,000.00        Rs     200.00           Rs  10,200.00
188 New Moor Street        Rs   47,292.50        Rs 1,912.17           Rs   49,204.67
176,180,182 Keyzer Str     Rs 250,000.00        Rs 5,289.00           Rs 255,289.00
Total: Rs 317,207.67