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Hon Prime Minister

Ranil Wickremasinghe visits Colombo Grand Mosque

US Ambassador's visit

His Excellency Atul Keshap Ambassador of United States of America to Sri Lanka and Maldives visit


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Jummah Schedule

1 Ash Sheikh Kamaaldeen (Qiyasi) Madawakkulam Grand Jumu'ah Masjid Anamaduwa 2 Ash Sheikh Abdun Nasir (Ihsani) Wekanda Jumu'ah Masjid Colombo 02 3 Ash Sheikh Arkam...

Fri, 16 Dec 2016

No. Title Lecturer Masjid Name Area 1 - Ash Sheikh T.J.M.Omardeen (Rahmani) Palamunai Grand Masjid Akkaraipathu 2 - Ash Sheikh M.Ismath (Deeni) Ahsan Jumuah Masjid,...


AT Taghaabun...

Do your duty to your Lord


Scholarship for BSc (Hons) Islamic Finance


Ramadan 1439

Hon. Prime Minister’s Ramazan message

“The fasting associated with Ramazan encourages mental and physical commitment to the faith and also enables families and communities to connect with one another and renew values sacred to Islam.

Weekly Burdha Majilis

Weekly Salawath & Burdha Majlis Weekly Burdha

Finance Committee

finance committee

Maligawatte Muslim Burial Ground



Career guidance for the youth

27th Night 2016

27th Night...

Safar 1439

ما أصاب من مصيبة إلا بإذن الله "No misfortune befalls except by Allah’s command..." [Surah Tagabun, Verse 11]

Hajj Festival on Sept 2

  The Colombo Grand Mosque Inc (CGMI) today announced the Eid-ul Azha (Hajj) festival would be celebrated in Sri Lanka on September 2. The General Secretary of the CGMI Thaufiq Zubyr said it was decided that the first day of the Holy Month of Dhul Hijjah 1438...

Flood Warnings 26 May 2017

The Disaster Management Centre has issued flood warnings to the following areas. Kolonnawa, Kelaniya, Biyagama, Kaduwela, Dompe, Hanwella, Padukka and Awissawella are areas under threat as a result of rising levels of waters in the Kelani River. Meanwhile, the DMC has...

Ramadan Kareem

1438 Ramadan Hillal sighted